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Terms of Engagement
  1. Please feel free to choose a few girls/guys that you like. Put them in preference order. This will make your booking easier as I can then get the performer of your choice if they are available or someone similar to your likes.
  2. Strippers / waitresses / waiters must be paid in full when they arrive before commencing work.
  3. There is to be NO video recording or NO pictures taken unless the preformer agrees prior to doing so. If this is to happen during a show your stripper will simply stop and leave. There will be no refund.
  4. There is to be NO groping , verbal or physical abuse to any of my staff. It is not acceptable and it will result in their immediate departure from your venue with no refund.
  5. You must let me know upon booking if it is a mixed gender crowd, as some of the staff feel uncomfortable and will not work with mixed crowds.
  6. You need to let me know if your event is to be held outside or inside. If it is to be outside the area must be out of sight and private. The waitresses need to know if they are working on grass or dirt so they can wear appropriate shoes.
  7. Strip shows are best to be done indoors, Garage, patio or lounge room. If they are to be held outside you need to let me know when booking as some strippers will not preform on grass or dirt.
  8. Duration-times of shows/performances stated on the prices page are APPROXIMATE TIME ONLY!
  9. If a performer cancels, which rarely happens, but we all fall sick from time to time. They will be replaced and you will be contacted and notified immediately of the changes.
  10. If the person you have booked is running late, myself or the performer will contact you immediately to let you know what time they will be arriving. My staff are usually very punctual, however delays are sometimes unavoidable.
  11. No persons under 18 are to be present throughout the performance or function.  The show will not go ahead until all underage party goers are removed from the party.
  12. Police will be called to prosecute any persons who assault our staff, by pushing/shoving/punching including throwing cans or objects at performers or drivers. Our company will notify the police immediately. Your party could be over and our company will vigorously purse ALL assault charges.
  13. Deposits are only required for large functions were alot of staff are required or for Country area jobs. They are to be paid at least 1- 2  weeks prior to your function.
  14. Country area clients, please make sure that you advise the office of your exact location in terms of kilometers from designated landmarks and specific directions.  All too often, clients are giving incorrect information in terms of directions and especially the distance. If you are not located where you said you were, then the performer is entitled to charge you extra $ on top of the original quoted prices upon their arrival. The performer will most definitely charge you extra if this situation occurs, so to avoid any booking problems, please be truthful when indicating your actual location.
Hot Girl Strippers…..Our name is our virtue.