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Terms of Engagement

    1. Please feel free to choose a few girls/guys that you like. Put them in preference order. This will make your booking easier as we can get you the performer of your choice if they are available or someone similar to your likes.
    2. A deposit will be required upon confirmation of your booking to secure the entertainer/s or your choice. You will receive communication of the details of your booking, the deposit amount and payment options. Your booking is not finalized until your deposit is received. The remaining amount/s are to be paid directly to the entertainer/s on the day of your event.
    3. Entertainers are to be paid in full, in cash, prior to commencing work. Please ensure you have correct money for each entertainer, as per your booking confirmation, and that payments are made in a discreet manner.
    4. CANCELLATIONS – If you cancel your booking up to 7 days prior to your event your deposit will be refunded minus a $50 administration fee.

    If you cancel within 7 days before your event your deposit will not be refunded.

    If you have booked a worxxx, duo, trio or a show 45 mins or longer in duration and cancel within 21 days prior to your event your deposit will not be refunded.

    1. You MUST advise upon booking if it is to be a mixed gender crowd, as some staff may not be comfortable with mixed crowds.
    2. You also need to advise when booking if your event is to be held indoors or outdoors. If it is outside you must ensure the area is out of sight and private. Waitresses need to be aware of the surface they are working on so as appropriate footwear can be worn.
    3. Shows are best performed indoors (e.g. Garage, Patio, Lounge Room). If they are to be held outdoors you MUST inform us when booking as some entertainers will not perform on dirt or grass.
    4. Waitresses are there to serve drinks, mingle, play games and have fun with you. DO NOT ask them to perform sex acts, touch them inappropriately or ask them for their contact details.
    5. A private area must be provided for your entertainer/s to prepare for your event.
    6. There is to be NO video recording and NO photography, this includes mobile devices, unless the performer agrees prior to doing so. If this is to happen during a show your entertainer will simply stop and leave. There will be NO REFUND.
    7. There is to be NO groping, verbal or physical abuse to any AAHotgirls staff. It is not acceptable and it will result in their immediate departure from your event with NO REFUND.
    8. Duration times of shows/performances indicated on the prices page are APPROXIMATE TIMES ONLY.
    9. If a performer cancels, which rarely happens but we all fall sick from time to time, you will be notified immediately and a suitable replacement found. If a replacement performer who meets your approval cannot be found your deposit will be refunded.
    10. If the performer you have booked is running late, you will be contacted immediately to notify you of their arrival time. AAHotgirls staff are usually very punctual, however delays are sometimes unavoidable. Your performer will make up the time at the end.
    11. Extensions to the time you have booked will be at the discretion of the performer. Please be aware your event may not be their only booking for the evening and they may have to decline.
    12. NO persons under the age of 18 are to be present during the performance or function. The show will not go ahead until all underage persons are removed.
    13. Police will be called to prosecute any persons who assault AAHotgirls staff, by pushing/shoving/punching including throwing objects at performer or drivers. Our company will notify Police immediately and will vigorously pursue any and all charges.
    14. Some performers may charge travel fees for some areas. These fees will be made clear during the booking process.
    15. Country area client, please make sure that you advise the office of your exact location in terms of kilometers from designated landmarks and specific directions. If you are not located where you said you are, then the performer is entitled to (and will) charge you extra on top of the original quoted price upon their arrival.


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